Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th February 2014

BMW’s headlights will soon be powered by laser light technology for the first time.

The high-beam, full-laser headlights will make their debut with the launch of the car maker’s i8 plug-in cars, but insiders claim that it will be soon introduced to motorcycles as well, Auto Evolution reports.

Laser headlights were first revealed to the world at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2011 and the technology is now considered innovative enough to revolutionise vehicle illumination. The new technology provides one of the greatest benefits when it comes to range: it delivers double the illumination range of the actual i8 LED headlights, meaning it will be able to light up the road 609 metres ahead. The laser headlights also require 30% less power than LEDs and their size and weight are more streamlined.

BMW also claims that laser headlights bring daylight-like illumination to a dark road, which is perceived by the human eye as pleasant. The laser technology’s luminescence is thought to be ten times more intensive than the light produced by conventional light sources. At the same time, the addition of a camera-supported digital high-beam assistant reduces the possibility of blinding oncoming traffic.

The latest innovation in the world of vehicle illumination delivers greater visibility when driving at night, and improved road experiences and safety. These are all essential factors that will perfectly suit future motorcycles produced by the German company, according to the sources.