Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th July 2014

BMW has revealed that it will offer ABS Pro as a retrofit option for its HP4 supersports bike, and claims that it is the first to offer cornering ABS for this class of motorcycle.

Specifically developed for use on public roads, ABS Pro builds on the functionality of BMW’s Race ABS to enable ABS-supported braking when cornering. According to the manufacturer, ABS Pro prevents the wheels from blocking even when the brakes are applied quickly. It is designed to reduce abrupt changes in steering force on shock-braking manoeuvres.

So how does it work? ABS Pro adapts ABS control to the motorcycle’s banking angle, drawing on signals already provided by the sensor cluster and used for Dynamic Traction Control and for Dynamic Damping Control electronic suspension.

As the banking angle increases, the brake pressure gradient becomes more limited at the start of the brake manoeuvre, providing for a slower build-up of pressure. Additionally, pressure modulation within the ABS control range is more even. This is intended to give a sensitive response and a high level of brake and ride stability together with the best possible deceleration on bends, BMW says.

ABS Pro will be available through BMW Motorrad dealerships from the end of October 2014. The cost for UK customers has not yet been announced, but pricing in Germany is set at €380 (£300).