Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 4th July 2014

We reported last month about BMW’s recall of the 2014 R1200 RT and now the German manufacturer is recalling more machines, this time two of its maxi scooters – the C600 Sport and C650 GT.


As the company announced, the scooters in question were manufactured between 2 August 2012 and 18 February 2014. These machines might have a stalling engine issue resulting from a defective camshaft tensioner.


The German brand said that there are around 1,360 machines possibly affected by the problem and customers will be notified. The recall began this month and, fortunately, no crashes or injuries have been reported so far, BMW officials confirmed.


Customers who have reported the issue said that there was a strange noise coming from the engine. This can be followed by an engine stall. Most of the machines could not be restarted after a breakdown – the scooters’ distribution suffered a serious failure because of the improper camshaft tensioners.


BMW’s reports reveal that if an engine stops working while the scooter is in motion, the immediate power loss and stalling might heighten the risk of a collision.


The manufacturer of the tensioners is Taiwanese company Kwang Yang Motor Co. Investigations revealed that a stamping burr was responsible for excessive wear of the tensioners and BMW asked Kwang Yang Motor Co to upgrade its stamping processes and tools to ensure a smoother finish of the product. However, it seems that old parts have been used in some machines, Autoevolution reported.


BMW said that it will replace the camshaft tensioner free of charge.


Image: BMW