Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 10th July 2008

BMW have revamped three of their 1200cc models with a new, more powerful 1300cc motor, plus High Performance editions for the R and S versions, with a trio of freshened up models presented today at the Intermot 2008 show, held in Cologne, Germany.

The new 1293cc four cylinder motor makes a claimed 175bhp, with increased torque, plus peak power developed some 1000rpm lower down the rev range. All of which should make the bike more tractable and easy to ride on the road. The 2009-spec K1300S is claimed to be the fastest road bike that BMW have ever made.

Both the BMW K series 1300R and 1300S versions are available with a High Performance pack, featuring 2D MotoGP dashboard, with race or road modes, ESA push button, adjustable-on-the-move suspension and clutchless upshifts via the 6-speed gearbox.

Meanwhile the K1300GT offers sports-touring riders a new take on one of the most balanced all-rounders in the big bike class.  Again, the main benefits are from the revised engine, with its gruntier performance making the bike easier to ride, whilst the styling has been updated a little, yet remains conservative.

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