Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th September 2014

Are you bored with the colour or design of your motorcycle helmet? If it’s still in good condition, there is an alternative to replacing it.

Helmet masks, which can be stretched over your existing helmet, are now available in the UK from French company The Mask Helmet. The idea is that you choose the look you’re after and simply stretch the cover over your helmet.

The helmet mask is suitable for jet (open face) and integral (full face) helmets and takes just two or three minutes to fit. You remove the visor and any accessories from the helmet, stretch the cover across the surface and then make small cuts to put back the visor and accessories. Reflective strips can also be added if required.

According to The Mask Helmet, its product allows you to change your look endlessly to match your clothes and your mood.

The full range of designs can be seen at What’s more, in the future there will be an option to personalise a mask with your own design, autoevolution reports. Pricing ranges from €25 to €30 (£20 to £24).

Or perhaps you fancy something a bit more “bling”?

Portuguese helmet manufacturer Nexx Helmets is offering a jet helmet decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Targeted at female riders, the new “Luna” helmets are offered in black or white with Swarovski crystals drawn in one of eight constellations: Lynx, Auriga, Perseus, Aries, Taurus, Lepus, Cetus and the Triangulum. The helmet costs £139.


Image: The Mask Helmet