Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 30th January 2014

American electric-powered bike manufacturer Brammo has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with the UK subsidiary of Green Automotive Company (GAC), GoinGreen, under which it will distribute the full range of Brammo motorcycles in the UK. 

Brammo develops electric motorcycles, such as the Enertia and Empulse R, and is the 2013 North America, FIM eRR World Cup Champion. The Oregon-based company is also an OEM supplier of Brammo Digital Drivetrain systems, such as the Brammo Power battery pack and Brammo Power vehicle management system.

The growth of electric bikes

Sales of electric-powered scooters and bikes have seen a consistent growth over the past few years, said Ian Hobday, CEO of Green Automotive. Annual sales of electric motorcycles will reach 18.6 million by 2018 globally, according to Pike Research, and GoinGreen will be the company selling the e-bikes in the UK. The company believes that thanks to its experience with electric vehicles (EV), GoinGreen will be able to repeat the success Brammo has in the States, Hobday says.


GoinGreen started to expand its portfolio last year, when the GAC subsidiary launched the Mia – an electric urban city car, as well as electric bicycles and commercial vehicles. With Brammo, GoinGreen is aiming to strengthen its product portfolio and follow its strategy to become the one-stop store for all EV transport products.

Brammo’s rival in the States, Zero Motorcycles, withdrew from the UK market in October last year, due to the lack of government incentives and support for any form of electric-powered motorcycles. For some hybrid vehicles and for electric-powered cars in Britain, buyers can receive up to £5000 in government grants to encourage EV purchases, while at the same time electric bikes are not eligible for such government grants.

Image: Francesco Dazzi /