Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th April 2014

Bikers who purchase a motorcycle from Brammo will be given a free RealRider smartphone app, the Oregon-based electric vehicle company has said. Brammo is expected to launch its new electric motorcycles this April or May.


The app has been promoted as a route-recording, life-saving smartphone application that features route-planning and sharing options along with a crash detection feature, which uses the smartphone’s motion sensors to identify sudden or uncontrollable movements. In addition to these useful options, the app also has an invaluable feature that allows the smartphone to call emergency contacts on the rider’s behalf, sending the biker’s last known location and medical details.


The vital information is provided to responding emergency units, ensuring a greater chance of quicker and successful response if an accident occurs. The RealRider app is the only one available on the market that connects directly with the NHS when needed, MCN reports.


One of the app’s most priceless features that will be available to British bikers is the ability to plan their rides based on the battery power of the motorcycle. The RealRider route-planning feature will detect and list all the electric vehicle charging stations in Britain, which might turn out to be a deal-breaker for bikers who have concerns about the miles they can make with one charge.


In January this year, Brammo announced a distribution agreement that will see the brand’s full range of motorcycles hitting the British market for the first time.