Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th October 2008

The rumour at Intermot was that Harley-Davidson planned to launch a trike, with two leaning wheels at the front end, like the Piaggio MP3. That didn’t happen, but Norwegian company Brudeli premiered their new 654L Leanster model at the Cologne motorcycle show, which they say will go into production in 2009.

The Leanster was inspired by the snowmobiles used in the Scandanavian winters, with Brudeli wanting to fuse that concept with a motorcycle. Some financial help from the Norwegian government took it to a development stage, with a prototype making an appearance at EICMA in 2005.

The current model utilises a KTM Supermoto 690 single cylinder engine, giving around 55bhp. That should be enough for some sideways fun on ice, snow or Tarmac and the makers have showcased some of the `tail-happy’ ability of the Leanster on their website.

There’s no word on a UK price, or distributor as yet, but the Leanster is arguabaly best suited to quadbike tracks, where its full, tyre-sliding experience should put a grin on anyone’s face.