Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 8th October 2019

Owning a motorbike is a magnificent feeling, but so is being lucky enough to own more than one. If do own multiple motorbikes, and you take each one of them out on the road, then it’s essential that you have the right level of motorbike insurance in place.

At Carole Nash, we provide multi bike insurance that is designed specifically to cover you and all of your bikes under one policy, saving you time and money. And getting a quote is easy, simply click here, or call us on 0333 005 3355. 

What is multi-bike insurance?

This type of insurance is tailored to those who wish to add other bikes to their motorcycle insurance. Whether you own a sports tourer and a scooter, a superbike and a cruiser, or any motorcycle – multi-bike insurance will work for  numerous machines. 

You’ll be covered for all of your motorbikes under one policy, paying one premium, with one set of paperwork. As opposed to paying for a number of separate policies, with different premium payments and renewal dates. This type of bike insurance is ideal for any owner of multiple motorcycles, especially collectors and enthusiasts, or those who use one bike to commute and another at the weekends.

What types of multi-bike insurance are there? 

When taking out multi bike insurance, you’ll generally have the same levels of cover to choose from as you would with a standard bike insurance policy, including:

  • Third party only – which will only cover damage to the vehicle of a third party of property in the event of an accident, or to the third party themselves. Your motorbikes won’t be covered, for example if they get damaged or stolen.
  • Third party, fire, and theft – which will cover everything third party only does, along with your motorbikes if they are damaged by fire or stolen. 
  • Fully comprehensive – which includes everything in third party and third party, fire and theft. Along with full cover for all of your motorbikes on the policy, if they are damaged or destroyed, if you are injured, and you’re at fault for the incident.

How our multi bike insurance works 

With multi bike insurance at Carole Nash you can insure more than one bike under one policy, which could save you money when compared to getting separate insurance policies. Remember though that you can only ride one of your bikes at a time under the policy, no matter how many machines you have. 

With us you can be covered comprehensively, for third party fire and theft, or even for bikes laid up in your garage, depending on the type of multi bike insurance you select. Our policies cover a wide variety of machines, ranging from commuters to roadsters, meaning you can find the cover that’s perfectly suitable for you. 

How can a get a quote?

Getting a multi bike insurance quote with us is easy. You can either fill out our online form or call us on 0333 005 3355. You can also speak to our friendly staff if you have any questions about the benefits of our policies. 

If you’ve only got one motorbike, we will cover that as well, so be sure to check out our motorbike insurance.