Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th May 2017

From the 19th-25th June 2017, Ride to Work week aims to encourage people to commute to work on their motorbikes. Commuting to work using a motorbike has a number of benefits, including saving time during rush hour and decreasing congestion on the road. At Carole Nash, we believe in giving riders peace of mind when they’re on the road. That’s why we’re offering FREE Commuting cover for existing UK and Ireland Policyholders for Ride to Work week to promote the positive effects of riding a motorbike.


Over the years, we’ve launched various campaigns to show our support for commuting on a motorbike. For example, we’ve offered free riding taster sessions to our staff members at our Altrincham headquarters. This was to celebrate The Motorcycle Industry Association’s Get On initiative, which promoted free test rides to the public. Qualified instructors from the RJH Motorbike Training School were on hand to offer their expert advice. Based on these sessions, several people have gone on to complete their CBT.

We also worked with RJH to help them expand their business after thieves stole a haul of Yamaha R6 and Kawasaki ER5s worth £12,000. We loaned them two Suzuki Bandits and they were able to proceed with their plan to open a new centre at Leigh Miners Welfare Institute. RJH director Lisa Simpson said “Carole Nash couldn’t have done more for us. Without we’d have no training or trade. Instead of losing days or weeks of business we were disrupted for just 24 hours.”


Another campaign involved working with The White Helmet Motorcycle Display team. The group dressed as bankers and performed their famous human pyramid in front of the London Eye and Houses of Parliament.

For Ride to Work week 2015, we went for a tongue-in-cheek approach and unveiled the Motordesk. It allowed riders to pull up to work anywhere and start their working day. The Motordesk was spacious enough that a rider could work comfortably while sitting on their bike.


The advantages of riding to work are varied. Owning a motorbike means you could potentially save time on your journey by navigating your way around stationary traffic. In commuter surveys, motorcyclists are often the most positive about their journey to work. The happier you are, the more productive you’ll be in a professional environment.

Motorbikes decrease congestion and improve accessibility, with a report stating that a 10% increase in bikes led to a large reduction in road traffic. In addition, they provide mobility in areas that are poorly served by public transport.


With our free commuting cover from 19th to 25th June for existing policyholder, we hope to increase the number of people who’re riding to work. Ride to Work week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the motorcycle industry and help to grow it in the long term.


For more information about Ride to Work week, visit To find out more about our commuting cover you can click here.