Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th September 2014

World Superbike rider Chaz Davies and comedian Alan Davies are taking part in a new Think! road safety campaign that aims to encourage motorcyclists to improve their riding skills.

A series of videos, titled ‘Never Too Good,’ will show the pair joining a group of regular bikers for training. The campaign is intended to highlight how important it is for motorcyclists to take biking on the road seriously and to show that riders of all levels of experience can benefit from further training.

Despite huge success on two wheels over the past few years, Chaz only passed his road bike test this year. He wanted to improve his road biking skills while delivering a message to other motorcyclists that you can never have too much experience. During the training, instructors assessed the riding abilities of all members of the group and equipped them with improved handling skills. They also introduced them to the principles and benefits of advanced riding.

The results were filmed for a series of short videos that will be released via social media over the next few weeks.

This is the latest initiative in the Think! campaign, which seeks to encourage drivers to be more aware of motorcyclists while also educating bikers.

The new approach was welcomed by Karen Cole, safety and training director for the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MICA), who said that it was an engaging way to promote skills among motorcyclists. She pointed out that videos featuring shock tactics are often ignored by bikers and serve to reinforce a fear of motorcycles among others.

“We have a lot of choices as riders and can seriously reduce our vulnerability by being realistic about our skills and being open to improving them,” Cole added.

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