Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 10th April 2017

Owning a bike is a rewarding experience because there is a lot of freedom that comes with being on the road. Whether you own a motorbike or a bicycle, there are plenty of advantages that come with riding one. They are smaller and more compact than a car, meaning you can weave in and out of traffic with ease. Cycling is also great for your health, helping to build up muscle strength. As one of the UK’s leading bike insurance brokers, we believe it’s crucial to understand the riding lifestyle of our customers so we can help them get the best deal.

We created a survey to understand the relationship between motorcyclists and cyclists. The gathered data helped us gain an insight into cycling behaviour, motivations and the concerns of our customers. 2183 people took part in the survey and here’s what we found out.

What Did The Survey Show?

Of the people who took the survey, over 90% own a bicycle as well as a motorbike. The most popular bicycle was the road variety, with 54% of customers being in possession of one. We found customers preferred cycling for fun as opposed to using it as a main mode of transport. As a result, keeping fit was perceived as the main benefit of cycling.

Perception is a key area in the biking world, as there is a link between riders and road safety. The survey revealed that most cyclists feel they have a greater awareness of others while on their bike. In terms of hazards, it was found that poor quality road surfaces are the most prevalent problem that cyclists face.

On the insurance front, we found that 66% of bicycles are covered under general household insurance and 5% of motorbikes are covered by a specialist bike insurance. When investigating how many customers had been in a road traffic accident while on their bike, it was found that 94% haven’t been involved in an accident in the last 3 years. If those who’d made a personal injury claim after being in a accident it was found to be 1% in the last three years. For anyone who has been involved in an accident we provide legal advice for bikers and cyclists, ensuring you’re covered in every circumstance.

What Can Be Learned From The Survey?

From the survey results we were able to reach three conclusions. A large amount of motorbike insurance customers who were surveyed also own a bicycle, the replacement value of bicycles is high and the relationship between being a cyclist and biker is strongly linked.

The survey highlights the importance of bike insurance, and at Carole Nash we pride ourselves on providing bespoke cover packages. The advantages of bike insurance means you’ll be covered against theft, damage or loss. This will give you peace of mind when you’re riding in the city or the countryside.

Our policies come with free DNA+ forensic protection, which marks your bike with a synthetic tag. This will deter thieves and add an extra level of security. Another perk is rider cover that makes sure your friend’s bike is protected in the event of an accident that isn’t your fault.

As useful as insurance can be, there’s a lot of excitement going on in the motorcycle world right now. To keep up to date with all the latest news and stories be sure to check out the rest of our blog.