Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 15th April 2014

Honda is launching its Honda Motorcycle Experience at Donington Park this week, aiming to offer bike enthusiasts the chance to “Get on a Honda” at an affordable price.


Events will be held throughout the summer, with 20 dates already announced. Anyone who wants to take part can pre-book a 90-minute test session supervised by professional instructors, who will teach enthusiasts basic skills and help them gain confidence as riders. Participants will begin on a “Twist and Go” scooter and progress on to a 125cc motorcycle.


Honda’s event builds on both its own ambitions and those of the industry as a whole to make it easy for people to try riding a motorbike. Currently, there are one million taxed bikes and five million motorcycle licence holders in the United Kingdom, meaning that tens of millions are yet to enjoy the many benefits motorcycling provides.


The Honda sessions will be organised in groups of up to four people in Donington Park, in Castle Donington, near Derby. At the end of their session, participants will take the Skills Test to get an idea of how they are doing. Experts will also be there to provide advice and guide riders through the next steps in getting a bike licence.


Motorcycling provides many benefits, including lower travel expenses, driving times and emissions. Besides, it is always more fun on a motorbike, said Simon Herbert, manager of business planning at Honda UK. Honda is always keen to encourage people to try a motorcycle and to foster the next generation of bikers, he added.