Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 28th April 2014

Ducati is working on a biker airbag which is expected to be integrated into its Multistrada S Touring D-Air model, Ducati project engineer Paolo Versari revealed at the brand’s factory in Italy.


The Multistrada is equipped with sensors and an additional engine control unit (ECU) which will analyse the sensor data and launch an airbag worn by the rider. The jackets and vests equipped with an airbag will be available separately.


Front and rear sensors of the motorcycle along with extra accelerometers will be able to detect a collision in about 25 milliseconds. Once the system sends a signal it will take just 15 milliseconds to fully load a 5cm thick airbag which will protect the biker’s neck and chest. According to Ducati the airbag covers a wider area of the body and absorbs twice as much energy as existing protectors.


The Italian manufacturer has worked with apparel maker Dainese to develop the system, which is based on the latter’s D-Air Street airbag jackets and vests. The system has been specifically designed to work with the Multistrada.


Ducati wants to show bikers that the brand is thinking about their safety, commented Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, at a press conference in Bologna. If the system saves even one life then it will be worth all efforts the two companies have put into the project, he added.


Ducati Multistrada with D-Air will available from May this year at a price of £16,450. UK prices for the Ducati Gore-Tex jackets and vests are yet to be revealed, but the Italian manufacturer expects the jacket to cost around €1,400, while the vest will available for about €700.