Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th February 2014

Electric motorcycles will race alongside conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) bikes for the first time at the 2014 Southern 100, Classic TT on the Isle of Man and Manx GP, the Darvill Racing website announced.

The Darvill Racing team will be allowed to directly compete in the top championships, including the Pre-TT, TT, Southern 100, Classic TT, Manx Grand Prix, ThundersportGB and Andreas Championships. The team is also included in a number of other international championships, with individual and one-time events scheduled for the racing season.

The team is pleased to be the first of its kind to race alongside ICE bikes in events around the world, said Alex Aitchison, Darvill team principal. He added that the team is looking forward to working with the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and Southern 100 club. Spending time with Gary Thompson and his squad showed that the ACU are committed to being an important part in the field, Aitchison said.

The Darvill Racing team will be factory supported by US-based leading electric motorcycle company Brammo in the States and will be using the firm’s eSuperStock and TTXP2 bikes at the Isle of Man TT. Brammo’s cutting-edge design and efficient manufacturing aims to elevate the performance in every aspect of the electric-motorcycle arena, and the Darvill team is very proud to be part of this relationship.

Darvill Racing was established in 1957 and since then it has been committed to developing technologies in an effort to reduce the gap between electric-powered motorcycles and ICE bikes.

Image: Francesco Dazzi /