Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th March 2017

One of the most spectacular roads in the world is the Transfagarasan mountain road, found in Romania. The 90 km road runs through the Fagaras Mountains and connects Transylvania with Muntenia. Along the way there are many wonderful sites to discover, and here are some of the best.


Poenari Castle

While riding along the Transfagarasan, it’s essential to stop off at Poenari Castle, located on a canyon in the Arges River valley. The castle is notable for its connection with Vlad The Impaler. Vlad found it useful from a strategic point of view and made it one of his main fortresses. In 1888, a landslide brought down a section of the castle, though most of it has been maintained. Poenari can be accessed by climbing the 1480 steps that lead up to the ruins.

Vidraru Dam

Keep travelling north and you’ll come to Vidraru Lake, retained by the Vidraru dam. It’s one of the largest hydroelectric plants in Europe, reaching a height of 166 metres. The dam offers incredible views of the lake, and you’ll also be greeted by a statue of Prometheus, representing the power at your feet. Find a parking space for your bike and you’ll be able to climb the statue to get an even better view of the water.

Balea Lake

As you head up into the Fagaras Mountains, it won’t be long before you come to Balea Lake. The lake it a monument to nature, creating a reserve that’s one of the most beautiful in Romania. The first ice hotel in Eastern Europe was built near Balea in 2006. The area is worth visiting for the scenery, as there are waterfalls and glacial valleys to admire.


Once you’ve come down through the Fagaras Mountains, it’s worth taking a break in the city of Sibiu. The city is full of places to see, such as the Radu Stanca National Theatre, Zoological Garden & Ethnography Museum, Steam Locomotives Museum and Gong Theatre. Arrive in May and you’ll be in time for the prestigious Sibiu International Theatre Festival.


Travelling on the Transfagarasan is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. There’s plenty to see, but you should prepare your bike for the journey. Getting the right kind of insurance will mean your bike is protected. At Carole Nash, we provide coverage for a range of models, such as off-road and adventure sport bikes.