Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd May 2014

This year, the road safety campaign for the Isle of Man TT, launched by the Department of Infrastructure and the Isle of Man Constabulary, will run under the motto “For everyone’s sake slow down.” The initiative urges bikers to be aware of the devastating impact that careless and dangerous riding might have and reminds them to be extremely careful when using the roads of the island during the 14-day-long event.


The campaign will be accompanied by posters displaying a crashed bike and an injured rider, as well as by banners and billboards placed around the course, the TT campsites and the ports where visitors are expected to pass through on their way to the festival. Posters will also be put on display in prominent locations across the island, Isle of Man Today reports.


Members of the Department’s Road Safety Team will also take part in the campaign, talking to locals and visitors to spread the word about the initiative and providing flyers with road safety messages. The safety team will remind people of the importance of keeping your distance from other vehicles when on the road, driving at low speed and not crossing the white lines.


The Department of Infrastructure wants both locals and visitors to enjoy the TT festival as much as possible, but road safety must be on everyone’s mind at all times, said Leonard Singer MHK, member of the department responsible for road safety. A moment of carelessness could have dramatic consequences not only for the biker, but for other participants on the road, he added.


The initiative is aimed at all road users, not only bikers.