Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th March 2014

The roads of Devon will become “manifestly unsafe” unless urgent actions are taken by the Highways Agency, according to motorcycle group Devon Advanced Motorcyclists (DAM), the Exeter Express And Echo reported.

The DAM, who are based in Exeter, have raised concerns about the poor state of the roads, including dual carriageways and motorways, which thousands of bikers use daily. DAM chairman David Cooper said in a letter to Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw that there is an increased risk of otherwise avoidable injuries to bikers because of loss of control on “loose” road surfaces.

Cooper called on the Highways Agency to take the necessary actions or it risks prejudicing its own transport policy against motorcycles. Unless the surface is properly repaired, Devon’s roads will become unsafe even for the most experienced biker, he added.

The DAM also says that many bikers have noticed the effect of the road surfaces on their ability to control their motorcycles. Road surface fragmentation has resulted in an increase in “dangerous gravel overlay,” Cooper explains.

The group urged those who are involved in the budgeting, inspection and repair of Devon’s road network to take the bikers’ perspective into account when making decisions, as the needs of car drivers are far less than those of motorcyclists.

Following the harsh winter, over 15,400 new potholes appeared on the county’s streets. The Highways agency said that repair bill of the city’s roads stands at £767 million, but added that there is little that can be done to prevent the backlog from further spiralling.