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Published: 16th July 2015








Honda’s RC213V-S joins world’s ten priciest production motorcycles

Honda’s new RC213V-S, set to debut in mid-July, will cost a cool 21.9 million yen (£112,684) – making it not only the most expensive bike Honda’s ever made, but one of the most expensive production motorcycles in existence.

Until now, the world’s most expensive production bikes have been dominated by elite marques such as Ecosse and NCR. Honda’s is (so far) the only entry in the list to come from a mainstream brand.

Does this mean a £100k Kawasaki is on the horizon? We’ll have to wait and see. But for now, take a look at how the pricey new Honda stacks up against the rest:


1. Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX










Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX. ©

$300,000 (£190,592)

G-Squared for Ecosse dual-cam race engine, 409cc, 225hp
Sitting comfortably at the top of the list, boasting a dual-cam powerplant and Grade 9 titanium pipes, the Ecosse FE Ti XX is the stuff street-riding dreams are made of – if you could ever bring yourself to actually take it on the road.


2. NCR M16












NCR M16 © 

$232,500 (£147,708)

Ducati Desmo16RR, 989cc, 200+hp
NCR’s reputation for modifying Ducatis almost beyond recognition earns it several appearances on this list. The M16 takes a Ducati Desmo16RR and turns it up to eleven, while stripping the weight down to an incredibly lean 145kg.


3. NCR Macchia Nera Concept












NCR Macchia Nera Concept © 

$225,000 (£142,949)

Ducati Testastretta, 998cc, 185hp
The “Black Spot” is about as aggressive as they come, with a lightweight titanium frame wrapped around Ducati’s powerful Testastretta engine and a dry weight of just 135kg. The bike was designed entirely by Italian legend Aldo Drudi.


4. Honda RC213V-S








Honda RC213V-S: © 

¥2.19m (£112,684)

Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve DOHC V-4, 999cc, 101hp
Based on the bike that won the last two MotoGP World Championships, the RC213V-S isn’t short on charm – but what about the power? 101hp might sound on the low side, but Honda claims this will be doubled with an upgrade kit (for a paltry €12k extra).


5. MTT Turbine Streetfighter














MTT Turbine Streetfighter. © 

$175,000 (£111,165)

Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250, 320hp
When nothing less than a jet engine will do, speed freaks turn to the MTT Turbine Streetfighter. Forget for a moment that an engine meant for light aircraft is highly impractical in a motorcycle, and revel in that raw power – upgradable all the way to 420hp.

6. Icon Sheene













Icon Sheene © 

$172,000 (£109,260)

Suzuki four-cylinder, 1400cc, 257hp
Created as a tribute to British champion Barry Sheene, the Icon Sheene’s engine gets a boost from a Garrett turbocharger. Production was limited to 52, each one marking a year of Barry’s life – and featuring a different playing card design.


7. NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special













NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special. © 

$145,000 (£92,104)

Ducati DS1100, 1078cc, 132hp
When it was produced in 2010, the Leggera 1200 Titanium Special was the lightest hypermotard ever made, thanks to its 4.8kg trellis frame made from pure Grade 9 titanium. It’s also the first street-legal bike NCR made.


8. NCR MH TT (Mike Hailwood)













$130,000 (£82,576)

Ducati V-twin, 1120cc, 132hp
NCR’s tribute to TT legend Mike Hailwood is an updated replica of the Ducati 900 bike Mike rode to victory in 1978. Only 12 of these were ever made, so don’t expect to see them on the streets any time soon.

9. MV Agusta F4CC










MV Agusta F4CC. © 

$120,000 (£76,221)

F4, 1078cc, 198hp
The limited-edition F4CC is slightly lighter than your standard F4R but puts out power equal to a Volkswagen GTI. It’s a beautifully-sculpted machine, with the vast majority of the components – from fork feet to steering damper – being unique to the bike.


10. Vyrus 987 C3 4V V














Vyrus 987 C3 4V V © 

$103,769 (£65,911)

Ducati 1098R, 1198cc, 211hp
Vyrus may be fairly obscure, but there’s no ignoring their bikes. The supercharged 987 C3 4V V is reckoned to be one of the world’s most powerful production superbikes, pushing the Ducati engine within to the limits and then some.




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