Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 2nd June 2014

Electric vehicle technology is evolving extremely fast, and the latest proof of that comes from motorcycle manufacturer Lightning. Its LS-218 model can reach the outstanding speed of 218 miles per hour (approximately 350 kilometres per hour), generating a staggering 200 horsepower.


The name of the LS-218 is a reference to the bike’s top speed achieved during the test period. And the manufacturer believes that the innovative machine can go even faster.


The e-bike will change the mind of anyone who has doubts about the performance of electric motorcycles as the LS-218 is the fastest production machine ever, whether gas or electric, the California-based company boldly states.


The LS-218 is expected to be available with several battery options to meet everyone’s budget, ranging being between 12 kWh and 20 kWh. The 20 kWh package will have a maximum range of approximately 180 miles (around 290 kilometres). The manufacturer claims that the bike needs just half an hour for the battery to top up on a quick charger. On a wall socket, the battery would require slightly longer to get to 100%.


The electric vehicle segment is undoubtedly developing at a fast pace and is now offering bikes delivering a very exciting performance, coupled with all the benefits green technology can offer. But until now, the sector did not have an electric superbike.


Lightning Motorcycles states that the LS-218 superbike will be released in the summer in the United States.