Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 15th April 2013

fist bump rider becomes internet hitA motorcycle rider in California has become an internet star after posting a video of him ‘fist-bumping’ a random teenager in a passing car – and then meeting up with the boy again the following day.

The helmet-cam video, which has more than 215,000 views on Youtube since it was posted five days ago, features a biker known as ‘TheSkysRim’ on the social bookmarking site Reddit bumping fists with a boy through the window of a moving SUV whilst riding to work in San Marcos, California, before racing into the distance.

The video has more than 750 up votes on Reddit and more than 1,000 thumbs up on Youtube.

But the story didn’t end there for the biker, who came across the same boy again on his way home from work the following day. After being recognised by his internet co-star, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R rider then stopped to let the boy and his brothers see his bike and rev the engine.

“On the way home today I couldn’t believe it… almost the same spot I pass the same car!,” he said on Reddit. “Sure enough it was him and his brothers! They recognised me right away and waved and yelled.

“We pulled off the road by their house where I got to meet them and let them sit on and rev up the bike! Their Mom was cool with the whole thing and was impressed at her child’s new internet fame!

“Prob the coolest thing to happen to me as a rider and as a human being. Ride Safe and ALWAYS take the extra second to make a child’s day!”