Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 30th July 2018

MV West Midlands is a new Italian orientated showroom and workshop based just to the west of Birmingham. We grabbed five minutes with Nathan Preston (pictured abouve left), who is MV West Midlands’ Sales Manager for the lowdown on all things MV Agusta.


What is your job at MV West Midlands?

I’m the Sales Manager, dealing with all sales enquiries, stock advertising, replenishing, ordering etc. I also manage the social media for MV Agusta West Midlands and 3D Moto.

How long has the shop been going?

The store has been here for 14 years, we had been a Ducati dealer up to the end of 2017 and have been an MV Agusta dealer since mid 2017. We still carry pre-owned Ducati models and we’re the biggest independent specialist in the UK. We carry the largest selection of new MV Agusta models and are physically the biggest dealer with our near two acre site. Tony (our MD) has been dealing with Italian motorcycles for over 30 years – he’s raced quite a few too. Tony won the Moto Cinelli Cup and has taken part in the World BEARS series, Sound Of Thunder and the New Era Championship. Tony’s son Louis now races and has raced Tri Options cup in which he won the 899 Championship in 2017, and now races an 1199 Panigale and a F3 675.


What is your most popular bike?

It’s got to be the F3 800 RC or the Dragster RR, completely different bikes but both absolutely stunning! The wire wheels definitely set off the Dragster RR and the 2018 colours bring it right up to date. The F3 800 RC is in a league of its own even down to the wooden box that all of the race kit comes in. It is Incredible.


What is the best thing about working with MV Agusta?

The thing I like the most is that the factory is constantly improving the bikes. Little things like the cush drive rubbers have recently been upgraded, they realised that there was an issue with premature wear and did something about it. They have no interest in building 60,000 bikes a year, but they want the bikes they do build to be of the highest quality. They don’t build bikes to a price, they build the best bikes they can and they cost what they cost. They’re unashamedly Italian. I love that about MV, it makes the bikes very exclusive. If Ducati is the Ferrari of motorcycles then MV Agusta are definitely the Lamborghini!


Do you have any events or activities coming up at the shop?

We’re currently booking another MV Agusta track day for the end of August, probably at Donington Park again. We’ll also be having an open day towards the end of the summer, hopefully with some of the new 2019 models on display. We’ll be looking to ramp up our activities next year. More trackdays, Factory Trips, ride outs, meets and so on.


Can people come and test ride the bikes?

Of course, we have the biggest demo fleet in the UK! It does book up pretty quick, especially while the weather is good! So give us a call if you’re interested!