Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th July 2018

North East Bikers Against Bullies is a motorcycle group that aims to raise awareness about bullying. With one of their escorts getting worldwide press in June, we thought we would have a chat to one of the founding members, Tiger Taylor, to find out more.


How long has North East Bikers Against Bullies been going?

NEBAB has been going since the start of the year when Grant Robson decided he wanted to do something about the bullying problem that seems to be something most kids suffer on a daily basis. He set up the group and was swamped with so many requests for help in such a short space of time that he quickly appointed likeminded friends in team roles, to assist with the running of the group and safety of events. We receive multiple requests for support daily, and endeavour to help everyone who asks.




What would you say is NEBAB’s biggest achievement so far?

Our biggest achievement to date would be Chloe’s Prom Escort, which was attended by over 130 bikers, and gained worldwide media coverage. We see each and every ride as an achievement, not only for ourselves, but for the brave kids that have spoken out against their bullies and asked for help.


How can you become a member?

We have a huge group of attendees, and any member of the public is welcome to join on any of our events. Grant is undeniably the ‘Face’ of NEBAB so he usually takes the lead, followed by myself and the other admin riders. If we are not somewhere within the pack in a marshalling capacity, we are lucky to have admins in vehicles who do a fantastic job of helping to keep the pack together and keep the bikes safe from any encroaching traffic as well as carrying support equipment. Every ride is different and planned from the highest safety aspect for participants.


What is the best way to contact the NEBAB?

For more information people can search “North East Bikers Against Bullies” on Facebook.