Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th September 2018

Danny John-Jules is currently setting television screens alight on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Danny is predominantly known for his acting roles in Red Dwarf and Death in Paradise, however the actor from London is a familiar face in the motorcycling community. Throughout his career, Danny John-Jules has raised thousands of pounds for various charities from the seat of his pink Yamaha R1, with help from some of the top names in the motorcycling industry including Alpinestars, Arai, Carole Nash insurance and Yamaha.

So, Danny, how did you get into riding bikes?

I was doing a theatre show in Derby in 1992. The cast was sitting outside having lunch and all of a sudden, a photographer turns up on a Yamaha sports bike. He was wearing black leathers, a huge rucksack with all his camera gear in it and he looked the absolute man. On the second day he turned up, I knew I was going to get a bike. So, I walked down the street to the local bike shop and booked my direct access course right there and then.

What was your first bike after passing your test?

My instructor taught me on a Honda FireBlade, of all things. After my training, he would take me home riding pillion, which was certainly an education. To say I was hooked is an understatement. After I passed my test I bought a Kawasaki ZXR750, which at the time was an animal. Then, after that, I have always had R1s, with my current bike being a pink R1 that coincides with my charity work and Two Wheels One Love.

What is Two Wheels One Love?

It’s a way for us to encapsulate our love of motorcycling and charity work. #TwoWheelsOneLove is for anyone and everyone. It’s out there in the social world for people to connect with and interact with. It’s an ethos, a message that we all live by on a daily basis.

What’s next for Danny John-Jules?

Well, after I have finished wearing my sparkly bowler hat, I have a few charity projects in the pipeline that incorporate Two Wheels One Love. The goal is to keep riding bikes and help others, but not just in the UK. What is the use of fame if you don’t help other people?

You can see Danny John Jules weekly on The BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. With everything two wheels related you can connect with Danny via his social media channels @2WheelsOneLovin on Twitter, or search the hashtag #TwoWheelsOneLove