Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th June 2014

Free commuting cover

Just the job for Ride to Work Day

Monday 16th June marks the return of Ride to Work Day, the annual event which encourages people to leave behind public transport and your car in favour of a two-wheeled commute.

And to encourage as many workers as possible to join in we’re providing free commuting cover to every Carole Nash road bike policyholder throughout Ride to Work Day on Monday 16 June 2014. Because cover is being added automatically to existing policies – there’s no need to do anything, except get on your bike!

But there are many other reasons why bikers should be taking part. Now in its 16th year this motorcycle industry backed event is designed to highlight the many benefits of journeying to work by motorcycle or scooter. Practical and ethical benefits such as faster journey times, reduced congestion, lower travel costs and improved air quality.


Reasons to Ride to Work

  • Savvy savings

– Biking can conserve your cash through lower road tax, more miles per gallon and the free parking offered in many towns and cities.

  • Clocking on

– Biking can get you to work quicker as you ride by the traffic that clogs our arterial routes. Research by the Motorcycle Industry Associations suggests the average British commuter will spend two and a half months – and £50,000 – stuck in traffic.

  • Kill congestion

– A European study found that if just 10% of drivers switched from four to two wheels then congestion would be cut by 40%. If 25% quit their cars it would be completely eliminated!

  • A content commute

– The Office For National Statistics reported earlier this year that commuting by bike was least likely to undermine your well-being, finding that for journeys of between 15- 30 minutes, motorcyclists were happier than those travelling by bicycle, bus or car.

  • Get on – and get in with the in crowd

Since 1995 the number of bikes on UK roads has risen 75% to 1.3 million – the fastest growth of any vehicle category. Getting on has got in.