Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 25th February 2019

In the heart of a Leicestershire based industrial estate, bookended by school furniture builders and plastic bottle cap manufacturers, lays one of the most unique and bespoke custom motorcycle builders in the UK: Sinroja Motorcycles.

With their back catalogue boasting collaborations with brands such as high end watch manufacturer TW Steel, Royal Enfield, and BMW Motorrad, this incredibly eclectic company is stomping a rather large footprint on this ultra-competitive but inadvertently niche industry.

Like all good ‘Zero to Hero’ cult movie storylines, this one starts just a few years ago in an old wooden shed at the bottom of a family’s garden in Leicester. Two brothers, Rahul and Birju Sinroja, decided to build a custom bike. That inaugural shed built bike is now known simply as, the R1. Don’t confuse this with Yamaha’s R1 as the Sinroja R1 was based on a slightly unlikely bike, in the form of a 1989 BMW R80 RT tourer.

From here, we will let Rahul Sinroja pick up the story. He said: “When we built what is now known as the R1, we were fortunate enough to get some fantastic exposure from it. From the back of that build, we got a handful of commissions from private customers. it happened that quickly. We can put most of that exposure down to the Bike Shed show at, London Tobacco dock, in 2015 and their website. From there we received four orders and since then we have continued to go from strength to strength.”

Rahul went on to talk about their biggest custom bike build so far, adding: “Our biggest build to date was what we call the R13 ‘Moksha’. It was a collaboration build with the watch manufacturer, TW Steel and BMW Motorrad. We had always wanted to do a brand-new BMW build, and we got that chance and designed a custom bike from a completely original BMW R NineT. We took custom bike building to the next level and created something that nobody had seen before. That is what we like to do most. Think outside the box. The R13 BMW R NineT certainly did that.

“It’s incredible for us as our passion has now turned into our job. We get to do this every day. The thing we love the most about the custom bike community is that it is full of amazing people and it’s definitely one of the best parts about being involved in bike building.”

Sinroja Motorcycles is taking the ‘shed built’ bike world by storm and have no intention of slowing their momentum.

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Photo credit: @autohouselondon