Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 2nd September 2016

The summer months can be great for bikers. Not only do drier conditions make for safer riding, the warmer weather provides the perfect environment to enjoy endless hours on the road. Here at Carole Nash, we like to think that every rider is enjoying the Great British Summer, but most importantly, we hope that everyone is staying safe too.

Get geared

Over the past few years, the government-backed Think! initiative has been constantly raising awareness about biking gear and the importance of wearing the right kit. They argue that in a matter of seconds tarmac can take skin down to the bone, even at speeds of no more than 30mph.


Think! are big believers in leathers, and argue that a decent set should be around 1.2mm thick in order to meet the safety requirements needed in the event of a crash. They also suggest that kangaroo leather is the best there is, while a decent set of leathers shouldn’t need treating in order to make them waterproof, which is especially handy when you consider the unpredictable UK weather.

Store more

While a full set of leathers, or indeed a simple pair of leather trousers, may provide optimum safety in the event of a spill, they’re not the most comfortable things to wear when the sun starts to shine. This can prove to be a real issue for riders who fancy parking up and spending a day outside at a certain event. To avoid this happening, why not invest in a sensible storage solution such as panniers, a top box or even a decent sized rucksack? What this allows you to do is pack a change of clothes to slip into whenever you arrive at your destination.

Stay fuelled

When we get hot, we sweat. And when we sweat, we lose water and salt – two essential ingredients that help our minds and bodies perform. Without water, our brain cannot function at the level that is required when riding, so staying on top of your fluid intake is really important, especially in summer. As well as reducing our brain’s capacity to function at its best, dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, cramps and irrational behaviour – four things you don’t want while you’re sat riding a machine.


To combat this issue, it’s worth investing in a hydration pack to help maintain your body’s fluid levels while you ride. These are essentially water-filled rucksacks that fit neatly under your leathers, with a tube that connects the water pouch through a tube under your helmet. Sure, they might be a little weird to get used to at first, but as anyone who’s used one before can tell you, it certainly beats trying to tip a water bottle in between your visor and your helmet.


Thinking of heading out for an afternoon at one of our events? Simply check out our motorcycle show and events page and take your pick – remember to stay safe, hydrated and cool on these last summer days.



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