Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 21st March 2019

World renowned motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has produced a new fully electric motorbike, called the LiveWire. The e-bike will apparently be available later this year in the US, with a UK release date not yet confirmed; the manufacturer has already begun to take pre-orders.


It’s price though is going to be considerably higher than other electric motorcycles currently on the market; coming in at around £23,500. Of course enthusiasts will be paying a premium for the iconic branding and the century of motorcycle legacy that comes with the Harley-Davidson name.


The motorcycle’s specs have also been released by the manufacturer, revealing that the e-bike can go from 0 to 60mph in under 3.5 seconds. It also has no need for a clutch, or any requirement for gear shifting due to it being completely electrically powered. After one charge, the bike is expected to be able to travel 110 miles, when travelling in the city. An improvement from the original prototype, which had a range of around 55 miles per charge, when in its “economy” mode.


The LiveWire will also come with a telematics system called H-D Connect, which can feed data to the owner of the bike through a connected app; such as the battery charge level, any service reminders, and the motorcycle’s general operations. Harley-Davidson still aims to keep traditional motorbike enthusiasts happy with the new bike. They have designed the model to emulate the distinctive sound of a signature Harley engine accelerating, to fill the otherwise silence of an electric motor. Showing that the manufacturer is still making steps to keep old customers content, while attracting new more technology focused riders.


Vice President of Product Planning and Portfolio at Harley-Davidson, Marc McAllister, was quoted as saying:

“When we were looking at Project LiveWire, the feedback we received was clear: customers wanted a true motorcycle… They weren’t willing to compromise the ride for an electric vehicle. We had to look at it as a motorcycle first. To deliver the kind of performance LiveWire allows, we chose Showa suspension, Brembo brakes and so on, to deliver the kind of ride people expect.”


The top of-the-range suspension for the e-bike will be fully–adjustable, and owners of the model will also be able to adjust its power delivery, its level of traction control, and its’ regenerative braking levels. Harley aims to use qualified electric dealers to assist any riders with setting up their new e-bike to their exact liking and specifications, and provide them with ongoing support. 

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