Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 12th March 2013

free helmet insuranceInsidebikes has the heads up on a free helmet insurance offer being launched today by Carole Nash!

You might be forgiven for thinking management at the motorcycle insurance specialist has flipped its lid but right now the company is giving away up to £500 cover for a replacement helmet  to any rider buying a new modern bike policy.

The offer is being provided exclusively to bikers taking out a policy by calling on 0800 804 7952 and quoting reference FRHI. Don’t spare the brakehorses though as the promotion is limited and may be withdrawn at any time.

As if you didn’t already have enough reason to chat to the boys and girls at Carole Nash the company has also decided to give away a Shark helmet daily from today – but for a limited time. All you need do to be in to win a potentially lifesaving lid is call for a quick new modern bike quote. There’s no need to buy for your name to go into the hat so all you need then do is check if you’re on weekly list of winners published on the Insidebikes Facebook page.

Getting a quote will also see you entered for The Ultimate Biking Giveaway, another of Carole Nash’s famously generous  free prize draws. This beauty will see one lucky winner bagging a biking bounty worth up to £20,000 which will include a Suzuki GSR750, a bike Jamie Whitham regards as stunning. The prize loot also includes a holiday for two to a European Moto GP or SBK championship race, up to two grands worth of helmets and leathers and a nippy Suzuki Alto SZ motor. Naturally enough Carole Nash will provide protection for much of this booty with the prize including biker friendly trave, helmets and leather, personal accident and Six Wheel insurance.

So, with nothing to lose and a right rare old biking bonanza to possibly gain, what are you waiting for? Make a good call – 0800 804 7952.