Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 3rd August 2017

Being aware of your surroundings is an important part of owning a motorbike. Anything could happen on the road and looking out for other motorists makes a big difference. This was the case with 32-year-old Chris Toon, who crashed into a ditch after steering away from a group of cyclists on the 11th June.


Chris, a music teacher at Nottingham High School, was riding on the B5324, when his back wheel started to skid. While this was happening, he saw a group of 12 cyclists coming the other away. Rather than cause a collision, he veered off into a ditch, breaking his back in the process.


Chris told the BBC that “I’d be in a different place if I had hit them. I could have killed 2 or 3 of them, I could have ploughed into them all. I’m pleased no one did get hurt.” He also said all of the cyclists thanked him and even remembered to make sure he could move his arms so he could play his saxophone again.


Chris’ injuries mean he’ll never walk again, but the heroic bike has been flooded with support and donations. People have donated £17,000 that have helped to pay for a special wheelchair. One man even donated £255 out of his whisky jar.


The fundraising was thanks to a friend called Rachel Richardson, who started raising money for when Chris comes out of hospital. She said Chris was a hero and that she never expected so much money to be donated.


Although Chris has no immediate family, he’s supported by his girlfriend Sarah. He said in terms of recovery, he had “a long way to go” but planned on going back to teaching.


Chris’ resilience is admirable. He’s not letting his injuries stop him from living his life. We’d like to wish Chris a successful recovery and all the best in what he does next.