Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd June 2014

Hesketh is staging a return to the motorcycle scene after 30 years of absence with a new bike called simply “24.” The official launch will take place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs from 26 to 29 June, the company said on its website.

Only a limited number of bikes are planned to be released on the market. In fact, the name of the product is also the number of units the company intends to produce. Designer Paul Sleeman, the owner of Hesketh, also stated that he had plans to restore production for another bike, which will be more like the classic V1000 motorcycle.

Sleeman revealed that 11 potential buyers have so far expressed interest in acquiring a Hesketh 24 bike, and three of those have put down a deposit. The bikes will come at a price of £35,000 and according to Sleeman the entire project has cost approximately £900,000. This is the amount invested over four years in order to develop 24 and resurrect the Hesketh brand.

Each one of the bikes requires about a week for assembly and Hesketh expects to be operating at full capacity within two months.

The Hesketh 24 will have a 56-degree air-cooled 1,950cc X-Wedge engine provided by S&S Cycle.

As Hesketh wanted to preserve the sporty look of the bike, the transmission was changed to chain because the brand believed that a belt would add too much of a cruiser feel and look to the bike. This is something Sleeman was firmly against.

Hesketh will both sell and maintain its bikes, so no dealerships were announced.

Image: Hesketh Motorcycles