Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th November 2017

Only 23 will be built for worldwide sale, but the new 2343cc Arch Motorcycles Method 143 was undoubtedly one of the stars of the EICMA Show in Milan.


Unveiled by Arch Motorcycles founder and movie star Keanu Reeves, and legendary American custom bike builder and fellow Arch Motor Co. founder Gard Hollinger, the new carbon-fibre chassis and 2343cc-engined Method 143 truly is a work of art.


As Gard and Keanu pulled the covers off the bike to a crowd of hundreds of journalists, we got an exclusive look round the latest machine to come out of the American boutique motorcycle manufacturer.


Looking more like a concept bike than a motorcycle you can actually buy, the guys at Arch Motorcycles say the Method 143 is a fully working prototype, it’s no show bike.


2.3-litre Arch Motorcycles Method 143


The detailing of the bike is incredible, the bodywork itself is CNC machined from billet, the leather on the saddle is by Hermes, the usual motorcycle clocks are replaced by an iPhone with full colour, customisable graphics. Sculpted carbon-fibre wheels are by BST and made specifically for this bike, as is the carbon-fibre chassis. The chassis is specifically designed for the Method, and makes it only the third carbon-fibre chassised production motorcycle alongside the Ducati Superleggera 1299 and the BMW HP4 Race.


The motor is based on an S&S V-Twin and is the biggest motor the firm makes, coming in at a colossal 2.3 litres, and making 150bhp. That noise of the big V-twin exits from titanium SC Project twin exit pipes is incredible. The exhausts may look like they came straight off a MotoGP bike, but were designed specifically for the Method.


The bike features Ohlins FGRT front forks and Ohlins single shock rear suspension with carbon fibre shrouds at the front, but the guys hinted that carbon-fibre Ohlins forks may be used for production. Ultimately, Arch offers a bespoke bike building service so customers can spec the bike to their own requirements, including riding position, colours, and additional specification.


As well as the Method, Arch unveiled the 2018 KR1-GT, a new version of the bike the firm first built in 2015 and which features a 2032cc motor, a steel frame and Ohlins forks.


Keanu Reeves said: “We’re very excited to have presented two motorcycles that represent our vision for the future of Arch Motorcycles. This also marks our commitment to having our motorcycle being Euro 4 compliant, and by creating the European distribution channel Arch Europe with our partner Suter Industries, we look forward to continuing to grow the brand in Europe after EICMA 2017.”