Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 4th July 2017

Day 7: Malenga to Alta, 454.7km

Bike: Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin DCT

Mileage ridden today: 454.7km

Mileage so far: 2864.9km

malenga to alta

The final push up to the last hotel in Alta, before our last day ride into Nordkapp, is another fantastic ride on the Africa Twins that sees reindeer running across the road and causing a traffic jam just as we get near our final destination.

malenga to alta trip

We missed a direction somewhere and had lunch without the rest of the group, who took an off-road section into the mountains, to much mickey taking from our Portuguese, German and Swedish friends. It’s 30 degrees when we roll into town, and you guessed it, we still haven’t found a rubbish road in Norway to ride, although we did find a small muddy and snowy trail to ride, even if it was off piste from the main route. Our bikes definitely win the award for being the dirtiest in the group.

motorcycle tour oslo to nordkapp

We fill up ready for tomorrow, and the final early morning attack to Nordkapp. It’s so close now we can smell the finish. The road sign says 240km to Nordkapp, the hotel is full of people on their own adventures, from cyclists to motorcyclists, it feels like adventure here, and you can feel that the end is near.

honda motorcycle tour