Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th May 2010

Looking for a first-timer machine can be daunting, but novice riders will have another option soon as the Honda PCX 125 goes on sale in the UK. At present the Honda PCX scooter is manufactured in Thailand and has only been sold in Asia. But now Honda are going to sell the PCX in Europe too.

The electric-start PCX is powered by a liquid-cooled 125cc single-cylinder engine with Honda’s PGM-FI fuel injection system and V-Matic automatic transmission and comes with a Stop and Go system. The system stops the engine three seconds after the scooter comes to a stop to improve fuel economy. It’s very similar to many modern cars which feature fuel-saving cut-out technology. The engine restarts as soon as the throttle is opened and the system can be disengaged with a button on the handlebar. It makes the scooter ideal for commuters looking to reduce their getting-to-work costs, plus novice riders who want a safe, modern machine as their first two-wheeler.

Honda claim the PCX will be capable of returning around 50Kms per litre of fuel, or about 150 miles to the gallon, which makes it a real recession-busting bike. Honda has also equipped the PCX with its Combined Braking System with a 220mm front disc brake with hydraulic three-piston caliper and a rear drum brake. When you use the front brake the rear is partly activated too, and vice versa, it’s a system which insidebikes road tester Alastair Walker has tried on bigger Honda motorcycles and rates as being one of the best linked brake mechanisms for real world riding.

There’s a really comfortable dual seat, storage underneath, a high fairing offering good weather protection and modern halogen headlights. The PCX 125 has an RRP of £2270 on the road.

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