Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 3rd September 2014

German motorcycle brand Horex has launched insolvency proceedings after recording low sales figures.

While the manufacturer has found a market for its bikes, sales have not been strong enough for the business to thrive.

However, it may not be the end of the line for the classic brand, which was revived a few years ago with concept sketches for a three-camshaft, narrow-angled, 160bhp VR6 engine. That concept was turned into real motorcycle which went on sale in 2012 with a realistic price tag.

Horex hopes to get the business back in shape with the help of new investors, Visordown reported this week.

The manufacturer currently has three models in production: the VR6 Roadster, VR6 Classic and VR6 Café Racer 33. And while the company has applied for insolvency at the district court in Augsburg, Germany, its factories remain in production and workers are still being paid.

Horex believes that it could resolve its financial issues with assistance from an insolvency administrator and a cash injection from new investors.

The origins of the business date back to 1920, when Fritz Kleemann installed the ‘Gnom’ auxiliary motor with 63cc and one horsepower on prefabricated bicycle frames. The name Horex was introduced three years later and the first sport model, with a 248cc Columbus engine, was introduced at the end of 1923. The company survived a break in production during the war but eventually closed in 1960 and the brand lay dormant until 2010.

Now that Horex machines are back on the road, let’s hope the business is able to navigate its way through insolvency and reach its centenary.