Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th November 2019

You’ve put your details into the form, submitted your motorbike insurance quote, it’s come back and it’s a little over what you expected to pay. Don’t panic, there are a number of simple, yet effective tips and tricks that can help reduce the cost of your motorbike insurance. And we’ve put some together for you, here:

Do some additional training 

If you’ve just passed your test, you could be considered a higher risk to insure compared to those that have had their licence for a long time. To help reduce this risk, there are some advanced rider training courses you can take to improve your biking knowledge & hopefully, your insurance premium.

Courses available include the police-run BikeSafe and the government’s Enhanced Rider Scheme.

 Added security 

Most motorbike insurance companies will give you an increased discount based on the security measures in place to keep your bike safe. 

Obviously, the best place for your bike is a secure garage. But if you don’t have access to one of these, anything like an alarm, lock or chain does have the potential to reduce the cost of your premium.

Get an older bike

Nine times out of ten, brand new motorbikes are going to cost more to insure than older bikes – most of the time they’re faster, have better technology and are more likely to get stolen. 

Riding a bike that’s 2 or 3 years old can help reduce the cost of your insurance and might be easier to handle if you’re new to riding.

Lower your annual mileage

If you’re on the roads less, you’re less of a risk to insure. So keeping an eye on your mileage can lead to a significant reduction in your insurance premium. Always be honest when filling out the form to get your quote, if you do believe you’re going to ride less – let your insurer know.

Voluntary Excess

If you opt for an increase in your excess you can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance. The only negative here is that if you do have to claim, you will have to pay a larger amount to cover any costs.

Pay annually instead of monthly

Paying your insurance in full instead of opting for monthly payments will always help you see a discount on your premium, so if you can pay in this format always try to do so.

Buy online 

Buying motorbike insurance online not only means you can get a quote 24/7, it also often cheaper as there’s no costs associated with a call centre that there might be with phone operators.Looking to get a motorbike insurance quote? Get in touch with the team today for your free quote.