Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 11th December 2019

As you probably know, owning any kind of motorbike is one of the most joyous things you can own. But owning a classic motorbike with years of heritage behind it is even more incredible. With this in mind, insuring your pride and joy has to be one of your main priorities, but does classic motorbike insurance differ from the normal insurance policies?

What defines a classic motorbike?

It’s always worth checking with your motorbike insurance provider how they classify classic motorbikes before you submit an application for insurance. But in most cases, bikes that are between 20-30 years old fall into the category of being ‘classic bikes.’

It’s also possible to have vintage, autique, or future classic bikes too (as if there weren’t enough categories already).

How does classic bike insurance differ?

In short, it’s common for classic motorbike insurance to be cheaper than normal motorbike insurance. If you own a classic motorbike, you probably don’t need reminding how special they can be. Due to their age, build, specs and value it’s likely these kind of bikes aren’t going to be ridden at every opportunity possible – which means the amount of claims being made is usually lower.

Owners of these bikes are also more likely to look after them and keep them in safe locations, which can lead to further discounts.

Do you need to have classic motorbike insurance if it’s not ridden?

Many classic motorbikes never leave the four walls of the garage they’re kept in. Alternatively, they are taken around the country and shown at various events. But they do still need insurance cover – this is what’s known as a ‘storage policy’ which covers you for theft or damage to the bike caused by fire. And in some of these policies, it’s even possible to be covered if it’s being towed in the back of a trailer.

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