Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th February 2016

Throughout Europe, head injuries can be attributed to over 75% of all motorcycling fatalities . And yet, despite this staggering statistic, so many people throughout the UK aren’t being as smart as they should when it comes to buying the right helmet.

When purchasing a helmet, there are several things that all motorcyclists should consider. From safety ratings through to colour schemes, finding the perfect lid takes care, consideration and patience – because after all, the last thing we want is for you to add to the 3,500 deaths that head trauma causes within the motorcycling community each year.

Keep it colourful

According to a recent survey undertaken here at Carole Nash*, 38% of UK bikers are currently riding with a black helmet. And while this may go some way in reducing the visibility of bug splats, it might not be the greatest option for riders looking to stay safe on two wheels.

Whether you’re riding in the daytime or at night, it’s important to stay as visible as possible. With this in mind, consider buying a brightly coloured helmet – such as fluorescent yellow – and combining it with a matching high visibility jacket. There are plenty of ways to ensure you remain seen while riding, so be sure to explore every option before committing to a certain style, design or colour scheme.

Know the basics

Our research suggests that, throughout the British biking community, 63% of riders admit that they’ve worn their helmet after dropping it on the floor – meaning 63% of riders are currently at risk of increasing the likelihood of brain damage in the event of an accident.

One of the golden rules of owning a helmet is a simple one – if you drop it, bin it. Helmets are complex products and are designed to behave in certain ways when placed under stress – so even if you’ve dropped yours from the lowest height imaginable, it’s not worth risking it on the road.

Another useful hint for bikers is to replace your helmet once every five years. Like most things on earth, helmets aren’t immortal – so if, like 40% of riders here in the UK , your helmet is over five years old, it’s definitely time to start flicking through some catalogues and pricing up a new lid.

Look to the stars

Thinking of buying a new helmet and unsure of which make, model or style to go for? Thanks to The Helmet Safety Scheme – also known as ‘SHARP’ – it’s now easier to find the perfect lid than ever before!

So how does it work? Well, SHARP have already tested hundreds of helmets and given them a rating out of five (with five stars being the safest rating given). But what’s more, they’ve also included the price and available sizes of the helmets tested – meaning riders can flick through their website before making an informed choice when the time comes to replace their lid.

High prices, low quality

In the UK alone, our research shows that over 65% of riders have spent £200 or more on their current helmet – and while we won’t argue that some riders prefer different makes or a particular style, if you’re looking to stay safe and save some pennies at the same time, there are plenty of options available.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more expensive a helmet’s RRP, the safer it will be. Within the lids already tested by SHARP, there are several five star helmets that cost less than £100, while one particular single-star helmet sports an unjustifiable price tag of £190!

Here at insidebikes, we place your safety as a real priority. So if ever you’re looking for more ways to stay safe while out and about on two wheels, be sure to check out our blog for all manner of hints and tips. We’re also dedicated to helping you find an affordable motorbike insurance policy.

* All stats are based on a survey of 1006 motorcyclists run by Atomik Research on behalf of Carole Nash