Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 6th April 2017

On April 1st, hundreds of riders took part in a demonstration ride to protest against bike theft. Last year it was reported that motorcycle theft had increased by 44% in London, leading to a call for action. The ride was split into two routes, with one starting off from Ace Cafe at 9:30am and the other from Greenwich park at 10am. Both routes lead towards Parliament and Tower bridge.

A previous demonstration took place in November 2016, where riders travelled from Ace Cafe to Downing Street. A petition was handed to Parliament that called for many changes. One of the measures was putting an end to the no-chase policy. The policy revolves around only highly-trained pursuit officers being able to follow and stop thieves on motorcycles.

The second protest looked to build on the success. Riders attached posters and banners to their bikes during the demonstration. None-riders were encouraged to participate and hand out leaflets to raise awareness. Motorcycle bays were also available along the route for riders who wanted to cool their bikes down and join people on foot.

Protesters were advised to wear yellow high vis tops and follow stewards along the routes. The goal of the demonstration was to engage with the public and make them aware of what could be done to prevent bike theft.

At Carole Nash, we understand that bike theft is a serious issue. We held an event at the Ace Cafe last year where we handed out free DNA+ forensic protection kits to hundreds of bikers. The kit allows you to mark your bike with a solution that is easily detectable by the police. So, if your bike is stolen it can be identified. The kit also features warning stickers that can be placed on your vehicle.

The demonstration was a valuable opportunity for riders to have their voice heard and join people who share the same passion for motorcycles. We were proud to be a part of the Ace Cafe event and will continue to support events like it in future. Tips for preventing your bike being stolen

There are steps you can take to stop your bike from being stolen:

1. Always find a way to stop your bike from being stolen

Although it might seem obvious, you should never be complacent about leaving your bike in the open. By having a secondary form of security it will increase the chances of your bike being protected.

2. Fit your bike with a chain or lock

When you park your bike make sure it’s secured with a high-quality chain. The chain can be fitted around the rear wheel and frame, using a disc lock. This will deter thieves.

3. Consider a tracking device

A tracking device can be useful if your bike is stolen. It’s important to do the right amount of research and compare prices to make sure you get the best deal.

4. Mark your bike in a subtle way

This is where DNA+ forensic kits come in handy because they provide another level of security. Marking your vehicle with a special solution will help the police identify your bike if it’s stolen.

5. Secure your garage

Keeping your garage secure is important, make sure you have strong doors, secure windows and garage alarms.

6. Fit an alarm and immobiliser

Fitting your bike with an alarm and immobiliser can be effective in areas around the home, like the driveway and garden. Standard alarms come with ECU protection, ignition and a battery backed-up siren.

Immobilisers are easy to arm and are very resistant to a comprehensive range of hand-tools. As part of the alarm combination, the immobiliser is passively armed and isolates a minimum of two operating systems.

7. Keep your bike out of sight

By keeping your bike out of sight in a shed, may help reduce your premiums too.

8. Install CCTV around your home

By investing in CCTV cameras you can see what is going on around your home, whether it’s in the garden or garage. If your bike is stolen then the cameras will record the theft and you can show it to the police.