Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th May 2014

Krazy Horse, a custom bike specialist based in Suffolk, has signed a partnership deal with Italian bike manufacturer Paton to start selling its motorcycles in the UK, Business Weekly reports.


The collaboration between the two companies will be celebrated at an opening event on 5 June that will feature a tribute to Tourist Trophy racing to coincide with the Isle Of Man TT.


Paton is working on a road-going version of the Kawasaki 650-powered twin that will join the 2014 TT event, ridden by British biker Olie Linsdell. The Paton S1 Strada motorcycle will race in the Lightweight category and the street-legal version of the model will be up for grabs at the dealership from next month.


The Paton S1 Strada is a classic street bike, blending the classic Italian style with mainstream manufacturing, says Paul Beamish, Krazy Horse’s owner. Many are now eagerly anticipating the launch of the bike, as it is a top performing motorcycle which is also very easy to maintain, he added.


The bike has a 1960s look and feel and it is expected to grab the attention of bikers and collectors alike, according to Beamish.


The Italian brand was set up in 1958 by Giuseppe Pattoni, chief mechanic of FB Mondial GP team, and designer Lino Tonti.


Paton built just ten race bikes in the 1960s but those motorcycles raced over 150 times. The duo eventually moved into building replicas of the motorcycles for private bikers participating in classic races.


Racing has been the goal of the company since its foundation and making a street-legal motorcycle motivated Paton to increase the brand’s technical knowledge, says Roberto Pattoni, Giuseppe’s son and technical director at the company.