Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 8th March 2018

Motorbikes are a source of passion for those who ride them and they can inspire people to do great things. This is the case with former chef, Anthony Mercer, who created Ant on a Slant, a digital brand that has grown at a phenomenal rate. An avid motorcyclist, Mercer has worked with his girlfriend Saffron Sheriff to turn his passion into a full time job. It all started nine months ago when Mercer had his motorbike stolen. Mercer was also unhappy with his job as a chef, so the theft came at an unfortunate time.

Sheriff, a self-taught digital marketer, suggested that Mercer turn his knowledge of motorbikes into an opportunity by creating an Instagram account. Within two months, he had over 2000 followers and was approached by a company for his first sponsorship deal. After the account reached 5000 followers, Sheriff urged Mercer to set up other social media channels such as YouTube. The channel now has 1000 subscribers, which compelled the pair to develop a website in conjunction with what they learned at Manchester’s Google Digital Garage.

The venue offered free digital skills workshops, such as ‘Get your business visible on Google’ and ‘How to build a digital marketing plan.’ Sheriff had a 1:1 session that involved working with a trainer about the best times to post social content. The new knowledge helped with designing the website, which features regular motorbike news and video content.

Talking to Manchester Evening News, Mercer described the benefits of working with Google Digital Garage. “We found the garage a fantastic resource to go along to and learn more tips on digital marketing. Everyone there is so friendly and really took the time to listen and understand what we were doing and keen to help. We found the workshops really valuable and have started putting the new tools into practice which is helping build the audiences.”

“We’re now in the process of buying a new house which is exciting. We already have assigned the back room as a content studio and we are converting the loft into my home office. Our long-term goals are to hire more staff, including a video editor.”

Mercer’s love for motorbikes has translated into a major source of success. It goes to show that you should never be afraid to pursue your passion and look for different avenues for how you can express your enthusiasm for a certain subject. Ant on a Slant is gaining in momentum every day, so be sure to check out the website to see a varied range of motorbike content.

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