Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th August 2014

Electric motorcycles are starting to make headlines as major bike manufacturers invest in developing technology that could one day transform the industry.

For the time being, small manufacturers are leading the way. Zero Motorcycles and Brammo both specialise in electric motorcycles and have found a growing market for their powerful yet eco-friendly machines.

According to a new report by IDTechEx, by 2025 the market for electric motorcycles (including e-scooters and maxi scooters) will be worth more than $12 billion. That’s nearly five times greater than the market for e-bikes with pedals.

As the market research firm explained, electric motorcycles and three-wheelers represent smaller businesses in volume but can generate higher percentage profits. The same also applies to associated companies such as those making components and systems.

Harley Davidson is currently taking its prototype electric motorcycle on the road across America, giving fans of the brand a chance to see the machine up close and perhaps take a test ride. Their feedback will help the manufacturer refine the design and will be invaluable when it comes to the eventual launch of its Project LiveWire in dealerships.

Yamaha and BMW are also set to enter the electric motorcycle business in 2015.

As for firms like Zero Motorcycles and Brammo that are already in production and on the road, IDTechEx believes that the only way is up. Either they will continue growing organically and become major players, or a big manufacturer will acquire them in order to catch up.

Image: Francesco Dazzi /