Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th January 2019

The MCIA has announced that persistent lobbying by members of the motorcycle and motorsport business community, has managed to exempt motorcycle and motorsport from the EU’s Motor Insurance Directive (MID).


One of the main emphasises of the MID is the prospect of making mandatory road traffic insurance compulsory when taking part in any motorcycle or motorsport, on a track. This, in turn, made the insurance industry nervous, as this type of insurance isn’t commercially available and looked to be an unachievable process to facilitate.


The Auto-Cycle Union, Motorsport Industry Association, Department of Transport and many more organisations in the UK, worked together and successfully lobbied the European Parliament into excluding motorcycle and motorsport from the Motor Insurance Directive.


Although this particular outcome has gained significant traction, it still needs the EU council to agree to the exclusion. This may take some time as there are currently more pressing matters in the EU council’s schedule, like the approaching EU elections. Although the signs look in favour of the outcome being positive, we will not know for sure until later in the year.


Tony Campbell, MCIA CEO, commented: “This is great news and a big relief for motorsport of all types.  The potential impact of the proposal would have been catastrophic and likely to result in the end of motorsport as we know it. The MCIA Public Affairs team was the first to recognise the threat and as such was instrumental in achieving this great result. While Brexit may have created an opt-out for UK motorsport, 80% of the UK motorsport economy is derived from export to the EU and therefore there would be no escape for the motorsport business world. The MCIA will continue to follow this through to the final outcome and we would like to thank the ACU and AMCA who have partnered our efforts throughout”.


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