Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th August 2018

Motorcycling’s history books are filled with dreams of big money Italian superbikes, some of which actually make it to the showrooms, and the latest company to throw its hat in the ring is Modena based MondialMoto, who are planning to raise money for their 200bhp V5 machine through a crowdfunding exercise.


The company which, despite the similar name and logo, is not associated to the Mondial company currently churning out 125s, plans to show a prototype at November’s Milan show and has launched a website with specifications and computer generated images of its planned machine.


Boss Antonio Matarollo, a former Ferrari engineer, says that the project has been 10 years in the making and it’s clear to see that the planned machine is heavily influenced by the V5 Honda RC211V MotoGP bike that dominated world championship racing, taking Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden to world titles before a rule change saw a switch from 990cc to 800cc.




MondialMoto says that the R version of the bike will have a carbon fibre chassis and a valve train made of titanium, enabling the bike to rev to over 13,000rpm. The 1000cc engine has a V angle of 75.5 degrees, the same as the fabled RCV, with three forward facing cylinders and two to the rear. The company is expecting 200bhp at 13,250rpm and two versions, designated the S (with aluminium frame) and the R, will be made available, priced at €27.995 and €35.995 respectively.


“Only one other manufacturer has produced a V5,” says Matarollo. “It dominated MotoGP for five years but it never went into production. We will be the first to put a V5 on the road.”


Even though the company is only at the stage of working on a prototype chassis, they are confident that they will go into production next year. They say that an Italian government loan has been secured for when the machine goes into production and they are now looking to secure development funds through a series of initiatives.


Deposits for the first production bikes are now being taken, with €10.000 required to secure an S, or €15.000 for the higher-specification R model. The company is also crowdfunding through the release of 2,000 mini bonds. These are claimed to be priced at €500 each, on a four-year term fixed at 20% interest when it matures. A “MondialMoto Experience” visit to the factory is also being used to raise funds, with the day out including a factory tour, a meal in the company restaurant and a photo opportunity with the first V5 superbike produced. Yours for just €150.

Sound like the bike for you? Head over to for full specs and some more computer generated images.