Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 21st March 2019

Many people love to play a round of golf, and usually they’ll be using a traditional golf buggy or cart to carry themselves around the course. Imagine being able to get to and transport yourself around the golf course on the same a vehicle, a motorbike. Well imagining his scenario may son be a thing of the past, thanks to the introduction of motorbikes and scooters to certain courses.


A couple of new electric motorbikes were recently introduced at the PGA Show Demo Day, to demonstrate this new way for golfers to get around.



A recognised maker of golf bags, Sun Mountain, is set to release their own e-bike to cater to those on the golf course later this year. The electric powered motorcycle will be called the FinnCycle, and players will be able to securely slot their bags just beneath the frame of the bike. It’s top speed will be around 15mph, which makes it just as fast as a standard golf cart. With a minimalist design, and the promise of an open-air feeling as golfers travel around the course; the e-bike has the potential to be very popular.


Phat Scooter

Sun Mountain have also unveiled an alternative option to the FinnCycle, which looks much more like a stylish city cruiser than something that is meant for a golf course. The Phat Scooter has a skeletal frame, high seat and fat tyres, along with a bag mount. Just like a traditional golf cart, the golf clubs and bags can be neatly slotted onto the back of the bike-scooter hybrid. Also, with a top speed of around 50mph, the bike is also road legal, so golfers can make use of it on and off the course.