Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 5th November 2013

the most motorcycle friendly cityOver the past few weeks we’ve surveyed more than 1000 bikers about their experiences on the UK’s roads to find the Most Motorcycle-Friendly City – and the results are in.

You’ve told us about your favourite routes, favourite hangouts and the best Places to Park – and some which you’re not so keen on. Well after all this deliberation we’re pleased to announce that the UK’s Most Motorcycle-Friendly City is…Liverpool!

Forget Beatlemania; it would seem that Bikermania has gripped the north-west, as shown by the overwhelming support which the city received in our latest poll; a massive 80% of its biking residents rated it as the most friendly city in which to support their hobby – while a huge 40% of Liverpudlians ride their bikes every single day.

Honourable mentions…

Elsewhere, Newcastle was voted as being the safest city in which to ride, while Oxford has the highest incidence of theft and damage.

Wherever they live, a majority of those surveyed agree that their city is motorcycle-friendly, while some would still argue that this is not the case. Alongside the popularity of answers pertaining to their cities’ quiet, peaceful roads, great facilities for motorbike parking and some lovely scenic routes in the local area, there was a lot of negative response about the general condition of the roads; with a great deal of concern over their poor condition and severity of unrepaired potholes.

Another negative aspect of biking life in Liverpool is the negative attitudes shown by other road users in the North West; however, this is still among the lowest in the country!

Congratulations to Liverpool for being the most Motorcycle-Friendly City in the UK!