Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd May 2019

Former Grand Prix racing world championship runner-up Randy Mamola will race a newly-built Indian Scout Bobber in the Sultans of Sprint racing series for the factory-backed team.

The new bike, named Appaloosa, was revealed for the first time at the recent The Reunion custom bike show at Monza, Italy with the custom bike built specifically for the event by Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speedshop.

The heavily modified bike has been built to mark the 100th anniversary of the Indian Scout motorcycle, and has been given the name of a famous breed of horse which is known for being fast.

Mamola was known for his hard riding, but ultimately never winning the 500GP world championship title despite coming close several times.

He said: “I’ve always been a big fan of Indian motorcycles and I’m really looking forward to racing this amazing creation. It’s great to be part of this project, especially during the Scout’s 100th anniversary.

“With the Sultans of Sprint being such a unique series, it’s going to be a lot of fun soaking up the atmosphere, meeting the crowds and putting on a show for them.”

Mamola will be racing in the ‘Factory Class’ using race number 19 to celebrate 1919, the year the original Indian Scout was first revealed.

In the Factory Class, motorcycles must run a four-stroke (air or water-cooled) engine and there is no maximum engine capacity, provided that the tuned bike does not exceed a power-to-weight ratio limit of 0.65bhp/kg.

Builder Hennebert said: “I wanted a name that could link Workhorse, Indian Motorcycle and speed. As soon as I discovered that the American horse breed Appaloosa was one of the world’s fastest horses, I knew I had the name for an American sprint bike built by Workhorse.

“After putting so much into this build, I’m excited to see the reaction to it and I can’t wait to see Randy blast it down the racetrack.”

How was the Appaloosa built?

After completely stripping the production Scout Bobber, Hennebert modified it heavily. He cut and narrowed the original fuel tank, retaining the side profile, to create a cover for a new aluminium fuel cell which holds just 2.5 litres for sprint racing.

With the fuel cell in place, work focussed on the riding position, a critical element for quick starts. A new sub-frame was fabricated to better support the rider under hard acceleration and combines with lower clip-on handlebars and drag-style foot controls to tilt the rider forward and keep weight over the front wheel.

To further enhance traction off the start line, Brice designed and welded an extended aluminium swingarm. With parts CNC machined from his drawings by Beringer Brakes, the swingarm is mated to advanced, fully adjustable suspension technology from Öhlins.

With a rolling chassis and elements of the streamlined fairing starting to take shape, Hennebert took Appaloosa to exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič where a bespoke titanium exhaust system was created for maximum power and the best possible sound. Without making any internal modifications, engine power has been increased to 130bhp with a combination of the Akrapovič exhaust, a racing ECU, Power Commander, direct intake, Nitrous Oxide Injection system and MOTOREX oil.

As well as competing in the Sultans of Sprint championship, Indian Motorcycle also plans to have the bike on static display in the UK at The Bike Shed London this weekend (May 24 to 26) and during Wheels & Waves festival in France (June 12 to 16).

Remaining Sultans of Sprint Championship events 2019

22 – 23 June Café Racer Festival Monthléry, France

31 Aug – 1 Sept Glemseck 101 Leonberg, Germany