Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th June 2018

Britain’s Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) today presented government officials with a new star rating scheme designed to highlight the effectiveness of security devices that are fitted to new motorcycles and scooters.


Working with the major manufacturers in a bid to reduce the current theft epidemic, the MCIA has introduced the MCIA Secured scheme as a guide to help potential owners identify which machines are the most secure as standard. The programmed scores each model on five individual devices fitted to the machine, including steering lock, immobiliser, alarm, tracker and MASTER security system, giving one star for each device fitted.


The new programme also incorporates the MASTER Security Scheme that was launched in 2013. Large capacity machines fitted with its forensic technology are claimed to be six times less likely to be stolen compared to machines that are not included on the MASTER programme. 

Speaking about the initiative, MCIA CEO Tony Campbell said: “The market has suffered damage, especially in London, and many riders have chosen to give up on using a motorcycle or scooter due to repeated theft. MCIA Secured will recognise the efforts manufacturers have made up until now but also encourage the inclusion and further development of new technologies as they come available.

“As an industry, we have been working closely with the Home Office and all other stakeholders in order to reduce crime involving motorcycles and scooters, adding additional security in layers and raising awareness to the riders will help but, we are calling for local government to improve secure parking and more recognition for the users of powered two wheelers within planning and transport policy.

“Even considering the increase in theft and crime, the number of people opting to use a motorcycle and scooter has been rising over the past 20 years, we believe by introducing this new scheme highlighting which anti-theft devices are fitted as standard will help the customer make more informed choices and raise awareness of the importance of protecting their motorcycle or scooter from criminals”. 

Speaking on behalf of the Government, Victoria Atkins Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, added: “I welcome the MCIA Secured programme, which demonstrates that our industry partners are playing their part in tackling crimes involving motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. 

“The Home Office recognises that this is a complex issue with no one quick fix, which is why last September we brought together government departments, the police, industry and civil partners to work together to develop a plan to prevent these crimes and keep the public safe. 

“I would urge everyone buying a motorcycle, moped or scooter to consult MCIA Secured programme when purchasing their vehicles.” 


Last year Home Office ministers brought various government departments, insurance companies and motorcycle manufacturers together to discuss how best to tackle the ongoing challenge of motorcycle theft. The MCIA Secured programme is part of a series of wider, multi-agency, initiatives that includes programmes aimed at youth programmes designed to detract youngsters from getting involved in crime and new policing methods aimed at pursuing and catching the criminals.