Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 7th November 2014

Is eco the key to attracting younger riders?

How will the next generation come to motorcycles? For some, it might be through learning to ride on eco-friendly electric models, according to a recent post on Motorcycle Daily.

Dirck Edge writes that, like many of his generation, he had relatively easy access to off-road riding areas as a child. That sort of upbringing can start a life-long passion for motorbiking.

But is there anything similar for today’s youngsters? Generally, they lack access to off-road riding areas. Equally important is the fact that in today’s economy most families can’t afford to buy a motorcycle for the kids to pick up vital skills.

With older generations accounting for a significant chunk of motorcycle demand, it’s worth thinking about what might kick-start motorcycle enthusiasm among the next generation, Edge suggests.

In many ways, electric motorcycles present a good opportunity for urban youngsters to get into motorcycling. They make very little noise and emit no air pollutants, making them ideal for inner-city riding areas (both indoor and outdoor). With e-motorcycles becoming more and more popular, and availability increasing, will we start to see them taken up by young riders?

One manufacturer that is well-placed to serve this potential new market is Austria’s KTM. The company is launching its production Freeride E (pictured) in European markets and is promoting several e-motorcycle courses, both indoor and outdoor.

For families whose budget doesn’t stretch to the Freeride E, less expensive beginner-friendly electric motorcycles are also starting to appear on the market.

What’s your take? Will electric models find popularity among younger riders?