Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 21st March 2017

When you’re out on the road, it’s essential to think about your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers. Motorcyclists need to watch out for a number of obstacles, from cars, to uneven terrain. But the effort they put into being on the road makes them very capable and safety conscious. Riders have an excellent sense of judgement and here are some of the reasons they make safe drivers†*.


They adapt to risk and danger


When a rider is on the road, it’s essential they accept that what they do is dangerous. The longer they’re on a bike, the more they train themselves to be aware of hazards. Bikers develop a habit of anticipating dangerous situations before they occur.


They pay attention to the weather


When there’s bad weather in the forecast, bikers have to prepare in a different way to car drivers. This could be through dressing in waterproof biking gear.


They have a quick reaction time


As bikers are constantly checking their surroundings, they learn how to react to danger quickly. Being on a bike gives you a variety of ways to react as well. The more you ride, the more your decision making improves.


They check their blind spots frequently


We’re all taught to check blind spots, but bikers tend to look around frequently. Looking over your shoulder is easy on a bike and it increases their chances of not being trapped between cars.


They carry out regular maintenance checks


To plan for dangerous driving conditions, riders will often carry out regular checks on their bike as a rule anyway before each journey on a bike. This means checking tyre pressure, oil levels and chain tension.


They learn to spot bad habits


In time, a rider can develop a kind of ‘sixth sense’ that should help them anticipate what another driver is doing. This might be through seeing someone checking their mirrors or changing their speed.


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†* Based on average claims data of Carole Nash customers in August 2016.



†^ Terms and conditions apply: minimum premium – £180 based on ‘No Protected No Claims Bonus’ or £198 based on ‘Protected No Claims Bonus’. Only available for those aged between 30 – 69 with a full bike and car licence. Call for details or visit for full T&C’s.